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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Against Abuse

Bloggers Unite on September 27th to protest abuse - child abuse, domestic abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, or any other abuse. Seeing this challenge from Lee Hopkins I immediately ticked off the destructive impact of all types of abuse...and how it's effect is so long-term. Think about the cycles of abuse in families where behavior is passed on from one generation to the next - not a one time incident, but patterns of ongoing violence and/or degradation.

The act of human trafficking is gaining attention in our community. Like other forms of abuse, it is difficult for most of us to fathom the existence of slavery in contemporary life. And yet, it exists - documented on a regular basis via Naples Daily News stories. Interestingly, there are three new young adult books that also deal with the general theme - all of which deserve their own separate blog posting: Broken Moon by Kim Antineau, Copper Sun by Sharon Draper, and Sold by Patricia McCormick.
Though these books deal with human trafficking in fictional worlds which are quite different than modern day Collier County, they expose readers to the abusive environments, the physical and emotional conditions of both the perpetrator and the victim, and the unimaginable lack of humanity. Reading and discussing these themes with others makes them *real* and helps us work towards an "abuse-free" world. It is vital that we don't forget nor sweep these atrocities under the rug.

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