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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Watching Students Grow

I had an incredible experience this summer assisting GED Instructor, Linda Bonas, implement blogging and RSS readers with her GED Book Club! The challenges were many - which made it all the more rewarding!
  • the core group of about ten students juggle work and family obligations, thus meeting dates and times were sporadically attended,
  • though some of the students used e-mail communication, many were not familiar with the Internet or computer,
  • blogging and RSS were definitely new concepts to the students, and
  • many of the students were former English as a Second Language students and were learning lots of new vocabulary, writing structure skills, and information literacy along the way.
The following VoiceThread gives a bit more insight to the adventure - can't wait to see students grow in their reading, blogging, and commenting as they begin the new book! Kudos to Linda for introducing GED curriculum with innovative ideas and technology tools!

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  • I am so impressed with what Linda's doing with her students, and with how you're working to capture examples of great, innovative teaching such as this on our campus.

    I enjoyed this window into what Linda's students are doing in class... but as it relates to the VoiceThread technology, I found myself frustrated by the bits-and-pieces nature of each of your narrations. I think I'm just too ignorant of the various technologies available to understand the benefit of this technology over others...

    By Blogger Jeanette Johnson, at 9/02/2007 11:03 PM  

  • Jeanette,
    RE: Voice Thread technology - perhaps the "bits-and-pieces nature" was more due to my lack of experience than the technology itself! As for benefits over other technologies, I'm not sure, but won't know unless we try them! One benefit (that I don't think I selected in the options) was to allow others to comment on the VoiceThread story, thereby making it more interactive and, of course, it can be easily embedded into blogs, etc.

    By Blogger LWTHS&IT_MediaCenter, at 9/03/2007 8:37 PM  

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