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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Geni: New Way to Think about Family!

Geni is a pretty cool way to document your family tree and share that information with your family - even better they can contribute to the information, too! As one of the ubiquitous web 2.0 tools, it is currently in beta and is free. It is easy to get started and even easier to begin building your tree. I also like some of their other features: calendar with all of the birthdays (great way to keep track of old Aunt Edna really is) and global map with the locations of your relatives! You can also add photos and e-mail addresses - this could revolutionize how you communicate with and think about your extended family!

So could this have an impact in the learning environment? How about creating a school family or a classroom community with 'family ties'? Even better, I could see using such a tool to create families of
  • elements in chemistry,
  • characters in a literature book,
  • cultural perspectives in a geography class,
  • body parts in anatomy and physiology, and
  • timeline developments in world history class.
Okay, maybe you need a little bit of imagination to apply this tool in the classroom, but give it a whirl and post your thoughts!

photo by Savannahgrandfather on flickr

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  • Some random ideas (some maybe good, some not so good)...

    * relationships of body parts/organs in a health science class?

    * historical developments, i.e. relevant inventions/points of progress in any given industry?

    * ingredients in a recipe (and then sub-ingredients of ingredients, down to the chemical compositions)?

    By Blogger Jeanette Johnson, at 7/14/2007 11:48 PM  

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