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Monday, April 23, 2007

Cause for the Community

Watching our community grow every year elicits both frustration and anxiety, as well as optimism and excitement. The participation of Lorenzo Walker campus in this weekend's Relay for Life demonstrated the positive side of growth with a unified and collaborative approach to raising money for a worthy cause. All facets of our school assisted in contributing more than $7,000 to the American Cancer Society through (among other things):
  • walking sponsors,
  • selling services (manicures, blood pressure checks, face painting, massages, and hair braiding), products (culinary goodies and glow sticks) and fun (spin the wheel), and
  • purchasing the right to wear denim on Fridays!
The event emoted fun, reflective thoughts and a springboard for future opportunities! You can get a 'taste' of it with the photos and a (future) podcast!

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