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Sunday, March 25, 2007

BODIES: The Exhibition

Accompanying the adult postsecondary Health Science students on their field trip to Miami to view BODIES: The Exhibition a couple of weeks ago was an incredible experience. (Listen to participant reactions on the podcast!) The exhibit is like no other - actual full body specimens perserved to show all of the major systems of the body. The skeletal system, often replicated in most biology classrooms, is really quite 'ordinary' compared to seeing the muscular and nervous systems - not often viewed in such a naked way.

Connections among the various systems are made throughout the exhibit - with the effects of diseases a major eye-opener. Though there is an obvious curricular relationship to Human Anatomy, there are many other educational insights: history of anatomy, process of preserving the bodies, physiology and interdisciplinary ties to art, health, psychology, ethics, mathematics, technology, and basic physic principles. As Dr. Roy Glover, Medical Director, University of Michigan asserts,

Opening yourself to a greater knowledge of your own body will enable you to make informed decisions about its care and keeping.

In addition to the great exhibit, there was the making of my first podcast with teacher/student interviews and the opportunity to spend time sharing and collaborating with a colleague! Thanks to Ms. Johnson, Principal, for the financial support and Ms. Amsalem, Health Science Coordinator, for organizing the trip.

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